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Four German and Russian Students Chosen as Wake Forest Fulbright Finalists

The Department of German and Russian is delighted to announce that of the 16 WFU finalists for Fulbright awards this year, four of them are from our department!  It just shows what kind of opportunities studying German or Russian can get you.  All of them are now finalists for English Teaching Assistantships in their respective countries and their applications have been forwarded on to the next stage in the process.  We offer them a huge congratulations on getting this far and wish them the best of luck in the next stage.

Our finalists are:

Kimberly Annas, German Major, Teaching Assistant, Germany

Kimberly Annas

David Burch, Russian Major, Teaching Assistant, Czech Republic

David Burch

Tatiana Ostwalt, Russian Major, Teaching Assistant, Russia


Will Teuscher, German Major, Teaching Assistant, Germany

Will Teuscher

Once again congratulations to our students and best of luck!  Whatever happens they definitely have an exciting year ahead of them.

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