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For the fourth year in a row, the Russian program and the Russian Club hosted a Maslenitsa celebration, in which Russian students cooked pancakes in the atrium of Greene Hall and handed them out to the campus community.

Maslenitsa has its roots in Slavic pagan celebrations of the end of winter, but with the coming of Christianity to Eastern Europe, it was transformed into the Slavic version of Carnival week. Central to the week-long celebration is the cooking and eating of bliny, the Russian version of pancakes, along with visiting, merrymaking, burning effigies, and even fist-fighting!  You can read more about it here.  For our celebration at Wake Forest we leave out the fist-fighting and the setting things on fire, but we do make lots of pancakes :).

The banners 1

We set up in the atrium of Greene Hall.  Thanks to Tara Ogletree for helping out so much with the organization and set-up!

The banners 2

The Russian Club was also instrumental in getting things ready.

Want to learn more about the Russian Club?  The Russian Club strives to promote Russian and Slavic language, culture, activities and more at Wake Forest. Interests such as Polish politics, Ukrainian cooking, and Russian cinematography are all a part of the Russian Club. During the fall semester, we took part in the World Cultural Festival and exhibited Russian society alongside the cultures of the world. Join us this spring as we go ice skating in February and celebrate the holiday of Maslenitsa by cooking bliny! To be a part of the Russian Club, please contact David Burch ( or Juleo Amosah (

Making the batter

First-year students practice making the batter.

Russian major and first year

A Russian major demonstrates using the griddle to a first-year student.

First Year Students at the Griddle

Action shot of first-year students working the griddle!

Andy and Rachel

An important part of the process is making and trying test pancakes before you serve them!  First-year students trying their test pancakes.

Lining up for pancakes

Hungry pancake-lovers start lining up for pancakes!

Musical accompaniment

Professor Hamilton (seated) plays Russian folk songs to provide the right ambience for the event!



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