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Films and Fun Before Spring Break

Is spring break here yet?  Wait, nope, not *quite* yet 🙂  In fact, if your week is anything like ours, it’s probably full of pre-break exams.  But never fear! We also have some fun activities for everyone to drop by and unwind at.

German Film, Tuesday February 27, 7pm, Greene 341

German film

Learn German, watch movies, AND get snacks!

As always, you can win cool prizes in the German trivia contest!

Trivia Questions

So whether you’ll be spending your spring break skiing in Sochi

Skiing Sochi

or Austria

Skiing in Austria

snorkeling in Hawaii


or just recovering from the first half of the semester

Resting Corgi

be sure to come say hi to us before you go, and good luck on midterms!

Ни пуха ни пера





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