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Intensive Summer Russian Programs in the US

This week we’re looking at opportunities for intensive Russian study, as well as internships and other travel programs. But what if you can’t or don’t want to travel abroad? Great news! There are a wide variety of intensive summer programs right here in the US to choose from.

Middlebury Summer Language School


The most well-known of the intensive summer language programs is at Middlebury College.

Middlebury’s language program is famous for its language pledge. Students agree not to speak English for the duration of the entire program, giving them the closest thing to an immersion experience they can have in the US.

Summer Intensive Language Program in Monterey


The West Coast more your style? Middlebury has you covered there as well!

Middlebury also has a satellite program in Monterey, CA, that offers Russian, Arabic, and Chinese.

Indiana University Summer Language Workshop

Sample Gates

The oldest intensive Russian program in the US is at Indiana University’s Bloomington campus

IU’s Summer Language Workshop is one of the biggest in the country, and also one of the most affordable. All students pay in-state tuition, and scholarships are available. The program has recently been expanded to include more languages and hybrid and online options as well as courses on the Bloomington campus.

Beloit College Summer Intensive Program


A WFU student took advantage of Beloit’s intensive summer Russian program to turbocharge her progress!

Beloit College offers intensive Russian, Chinese, and Japanese for 7 weeks in the summer. The slightly shorter program may fit better in some students’ schedules.

Bryn Mawr Russian Language Institute

Bryn Mawr

Earn 8 credits of Russian in 8 weeks!

Bryn Mawr’s intensive summer Russian program provides 8 credits (1 year’s worth) in just two months.

Pitt Summer Language Institute


With Pitt, you can study BCS in both Pittsburgh and beautiful Podgorica, Montenegro

The University of Pittsburgh offers both domestic and hybrid programs (half in the US, half in the target country), giving students the best of both worlds. They also have an extensive offering of unusual languages, including Bulgarian, Czech, Hungarian, and Slovak.

Arizona State Critical Languages Institute


Study Albanian in Tirana with ASU!

ASU’s Critical Languages Institute has a very wide variety of critical need language offerings. Most of the programs include domestic study plus the option of a 4-week extension in the target country. The CLI is another very affordable option for students on a budget.

This should have given you an idea of the kinds of programs available to study Russian and other critical need languages right here in the US. For more information, please email Dr. Clark at

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